Sugar Pop Slots

Are you in for some fun game play that is simple to enjoy? Sugar Pop Slots machine is all you will need to make any spare moments of your day fun and rewarding. The colorful game is beautiful and interesting with great quality and a great mobile version. The creators are the world-known Betsoft team who put a great deal of effort into making this a smooth and fun experience suitable for everyone. If you are looking for something fun and fresh, keep on exploring all the opportunities and fun you will be having with this slots game.

About Sugar Pop Slots

Sugar Pop Slots machine is a beautiful game for everyone who appreciates and enjoys colorful and straightforward game play. This is a fun and exciting opportunity that comes with some wonderful payouts. The game play is dynamic and the quality of the graphics is outstanding. You will enjoy all the bright colors and simple symbols moving all over your screen as you keep landing winning combinations. Betsoft developed the game, and so you can expect fun game play and a quality experience.

Enjoy Sugar Pop Slots Demo Play

What can be even more perfect than being able to check out the game and how it works before joining it for real cash? Sugar Pop Slots game lets you explore all the great opportunities and learn all about the game play in the demo version which is a great idea to check out. This can be useful and interesting to try out and so you will know beforehand how the game works and what great opportunities you will have while playing the game.

Sugar Pop Slots’ Fun Theme and Design

Sugar Pop Slots game is a definition of colors and sweet treats. You will be playing in front of a purple and pink background and endless candies that will come along your way. You will see some of your favorite sweets such as a Lollipop, Caramel Chew, White Chocolate, Gumdrop, Jawbreaker, Candy Cane, Jelly Beans, Chocolate, Cotton Candy, and Peanut Butter Cup. the sound effects are fun and dynamic and will make your fun experience even more perfect. The more you play the more symbols will become available for you to enjoy at this 3D and bubbly slot machine. Have a great time!

Sugar Pop Slots Type

The game play of the Sugar Pop Slots is very simple and a bit different from the traditional slot machines. The principle of rolling the reels is still there but the aim is to collect three symbols together with matching colors. You will have 5 reels and 243 pay lines to check out. You can start winning as soon as you collect at least 3 matching candies of the same color. The more candies you collect the better rewards you will receive so there are winning combinations available from at least 3 to 5. The betting range is between 0.01 to 1 per spin and the total bet is worth 250 coins. The game is suitable for both low rollers and higher bettors so if you prefer something that is about fun then you are in the right place.

Sugar Pop Slots Bonus Features

There are two main bonus features in the game including the level-up system and the bonus patterns. The level-up feature starts once you manage to collect 4 matching symbols in which case you will trigger the super color explosion of candies that will happen before the next spin allowing you to receive more rewards. In case you collect all 5 matching colors in one spin on your reels, then you will have the color bomb explosion that comes with more rewards and also concludes before you can start your next spin. As to the patterns bonuses, you will receive points each time you have a special explosion in a pattern that the game will offer to you. This pattern keeps changing after each time you trigger the feature. The game will keep revealing new symbols and fun treats for you the more you play and the further you through your levels. Enjoy!

Sugar Pop Slots RTP, Rating, and Winners

The Sugar Pop Slots game is so fun and easy to play that it has become very popular among online gamers. The RTP of the game is 97.7% which makes it even more attractive to play and so it is not very surprising that the game has been receiving great feedback and placing it on the list of well-rated online games. You can add your name up to the list of the lucky winners of the game who already managed to hit the sweetest wins the game has to offer.

Play Sugar Pop Slots for Fun or Real Money

Sugar Pop Slots lets you choose to play for fun or real money and so you have even more options to enjoy the game. If you prefer to keep it fun and easy and enjoy the great theme and features of the game without placing real bets, you will be more than welcome to do so. But if you want to also receive real rewards for the time spent on playing the game, then you can go ahead and place your real wagers.

Enjoy Sugar Pop Slots Mobile Play

Sugar Pop Slots game comes with a quality mobile version. The best part is that the mobile version is supported on iOS and Android devices equally. This means that if you prefer to use your mobile device or tablet to play this fun game, you will be more than welcome to enjoy it and any point of your day as long as you online. Enjoy all the flexibility and convenience this game has to offer!